Monday, February 25, 2013

February 26th - 10:55pm

I am in love with the weather at the moment. Nice and cool in the morning then waeming up into the 70s during the day. Did learn a valuable lesson today though. Just because it is cool does not mean it is not sunny. Some what sunburned. Ok, very sunburned. Great day hacking horses. Started off tge morning on the "big" stallions. Picaro, Geologo, Kir Royal and Virtuoso. All of them, especially Picaro, were rock stars. Followed them up by taking Justinian, Karin, Orly, Ojiva, Quantum and Casia out to work. Nothing terrible exciting. Little bit of longing then lots of transitions and some lateral work. Typical day. Hard to believe that riding 10 horses has now become a totally typical day. Not sure if I'll be relieved or sad when Emma gets here and the ride list gets cut down. Thoroughly enjoying spending all day in the saddle even if I'm crawling into bed at ridiculously early because I'm done being active for the day. Staying up entirely too late again though talking to friends and family. Miss them but not painfully so. I hate being homesick. Hate it. I just feel miserable and then start feeling worse because I know I can't do anything to change it. Feeling good now though. Enjoying the busy schedule, the amazing weather and my last two months in Argentina.

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