Thursday, January 31, 2013

Janurary 31st - 9:29pm

Hot today but not nearly as bad as yesterday due to the cloud cover. Thank goodness for that. It has started to look like we will be getting some rain though. It sprinkled a little bit today at 6:00 but not much. We could use some to cool everything off a bit though. Don't want to complain too much since poor Megg in Canada is experiencing RIDICULOUSLY cold weather (-35 C and colder) and really has something to complain about but not a huge fan of really hot weather either. It was cooler today though. Camilla and I even had the energy to walk down to Petrobras and Frahels for diet coke, yummy snacks and ice cream. Its fun to get out a bit, chat with Camilla (as if I don't do that all the time anyway) and just hang out. Really going to miss her when she leaves. Hopefully we'll stay in contact like Megg, Alice and I have. After spending nearly 24/7 with a person you get to be pretty close friends. Hoping all the friends I have made in Argentina last longer than my stay here because they've been fantastic. Definitely one of the best parts of this stay.
And another fantastic part of this trip, the riding, was also quite good today. Helped Rodrigo with the two young ones then rode Cor Lit, Invasor, Montana, Oficiala, Quarial, Ojiva, Quantum, Orly and Jour. Ended up schooling a short crossrail course with Orly, Quantum, Oficiala, and Ojiva. Ojiva was my favorite of the day. She's fun to ride, sensitive without being stupid and super careful. A tiny bit like Luli was I think. It was my first time riding Oficiala and she is definitely one of the greenest horses I have ever sat on. She was backed for the first time in mid December. Super sweet horse though with a lot of try. Figured my way around the course with her with just a few bobbles and we improved a lot the second time around. Martin was pretty complementry as well. He said when I first arrived I would not have been able to ride her let along climb on, work on some flexion issues and then take her around a course. He said my eyes just would have popped out of my head. Hoping that is a bit of an exaggeration but either way glad to know that improvement has been noted. Though honestly Im sure sure I could have ridden any of these young horses over fences when I first arrived. Ive gotten so much more secure in the tack, confident in what I am doing and knowledgeable of how to ride different types. I can hop from a super green Oficiala to a powerful Quantum to a sensitive Ojiva with relative ease. Obviously still a ton to learn but at least progress is being made.
So another long, hot day at Rancho Pampa but can certainly write this one off as a good productive one!

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