Thursday, February 14, 2013

February 14th - 9:42pm

Valentine's day! I refrained from posting it on facebook so there you go. Busy day today though at this point, that should not be a suprise. Rode Justinian, Picaro, Montana, Kir Royal and Virtuoso to start off the morning. Jumped Virtuoso and Kir Royal over the little course. While they were both excellent I rode like garbage. Couldn't see a distance, couldn't find a rythym and it was just bad. Even Martin commented that he knows I can do better and I just couldn't. Don't know why but it just wasn't happening. So frustrating. Especially since I usually love jumping Virtuoso. It was my first time jumping Kir Royal and I wish I had just done better since I have really been looking forward to riding him. He's really fun and feels great. Probably won't get a chance to jump him for awhile since today was less than fantastic. We got around, did the striding and did the job but it just felt slow. Like everytime I needed to make a change I would realize and do it about 10 strides too late. And it showed. Frustrated to say the least.
After we free jumped the auction horses in prep for Saturday. Everyone looked good and jumped well. Hoping the rain we are expecting Saturday holds off. Would be a bummer for sure. Got Montana all clipped today for it. We're taking a few over to Equus tomorrow to school but after we're spending the afternoon scrubbing horses. One thing I haven't had the chance to do in awhile! Actually kind of excited about it! Probably not riding a bunch tomorrow or Saturday but they should be good days never the less.

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