Thursday, February 7, 2013

February 7th - 9:56pm

I think if I had a job or anything that was not horse related that consistently had me nearly unconscious before 10:00 everyday Id be miserable. But I'm not! Exhausted but happy.
Rode Justinian this morning. Just a flat hack. Then jumped Cor Lit around the new course Martin built. Can definitely tell we have both improved because when I first got here I couldn't have jumped him around that course with all the distances and on stride. It just would not have happened. But today, we did. After it was on to young horse filming. Martin was jumping each of them around the course we had set up. For many of them, it was their first course which was super exciting (for me, they didn't care a bit). I sat on most of them to warm up so by lunch time I had been on a ton of horses. Oficiala, Casia, Ojiva, Quarial, Nacar, Uxmal, and Orly. After lunch climbed onto Puccini, Geologo and Montana for a flat ride each as well.
Definitely one of those days I likely should have gone to bed much, much earlier but enjoy staying up talking to friends and family. Hopefully a less busy day tomorrow or Im not sure how much movement I'll be doing on Sunday. Was hoping to catch a bus tour of the city! Always something going on around here!

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