Monday, February 25, 2013

February 27th - 8:52pm

I got to jump Picaro in a lesson with Mono!
I though my life was complete when I rode Nacar in a lesson with Mono a few months ago. Then downright awesome when I got to school Puccini with him last week. But today topped all. Picaro was happy to get out and Rodrigo was laughing at me as I tried to get the two of us going to same direction at the same time. I think Martin was significantly less pleased but we got it together. First a low vertical. Then a bigger one. Add in an oxer a few times and finally through the in and out. Nothing big just 3'-3'3" or so but still had a blast. I adore jumping that horse. Really though I just flat out adore that horse. Currently taking donations if anyone would like to see him come stateside with me? Dreaming big without a doubt but might as well.
Jumped Piccini with Mono as well but it wasn't as good as last week. A little slow and I struggled to get him really infront of my leg. Ended better but I should not have allowed it to start off weak. Besides those two, I hacked Virtuoso, Cor Lit, Justinian, Karin, Kanti, Quarz, Quantum, Bellini and Holandesa. It was my first time on Kanti and she was quite good. Straight forward and nice to ride. Quantum was a total rockstar like usual. He and Picaro remind me a bit of each other actually. Super nice horses. Really and truely, they were all fantastic. Ended up schooling Holandesa without stirrups since my knees were bothering me and I haven't done it in awhile. There is some dedication right there. School 10 horses then ride the 11th stirrupless for kicks. She didn't mind though and it was good for me. That mare is coming along really nicely as well. Working on cleaning up her downward transitions and they're not only improving but she's easier to ride in each gait as well. Super fun stuff. Tired, sore and lacking in internet but still a good day. And the weather is still incredible.

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