Sunday, February 24, 2013

February 24th - 4:00pm

4:00 in Uruguay at least. But considering that's where I am now, it works. Had a fantastic night at the hostel. Briefly met the girls staying in the room with me which was nice but definitely wish I could have hung out with them a bit. Woke up before my alarm clock like usual and headed out right on time. The walk to Buquebus was short but wet due to rain. Definitely a different crowd on the streets than normal at that time of morning. Had to be at Buquebus at 7:30 so left the hostel at 7:00. Plenty of time to walk the 10 blocks but wanted to be on the safe side. Only had a little bit of trouble with a guy on the street wanting to check out how closed up my backpack was but he bolted the second I turned around on him. Hate, hate, hate people like that. I was steeming for quite awhile after that. But besides that, easy peasy.
Getting checked in, through immigration and onto the ferry was also quite easy. They stamp your passport to exit Argentina and enter Uruguay at the same time so it is a pretty quick, painless process. The ferry ride was incredibly quick as well considering the wind, rain and river were at odds. The boats are huge but they can flat out move. Ended up talking to a couple different people in straight spanish. Definitely come a long, long way since I arrived. Very happy about that.
Once I arrived in Colonia de Sacramento I picked up a small map, picked a direction and started walking. Went up the hill through the newer part of the town before cutting left toward the river. Then followed that to the old neighborhood that is the huge tourist draw. The nasty morning weather morphed into stunning afternoon weather. Saw some gorgeous cobblestone streets, went through at least five small museums, walked down on the beach, climbed to the top of the light house and took more photos than I know what to do with. Ended up having a quiet lunch in a side street shop which was lovely as well. Was up walking almost the entire time I was in the city. Easily walked several miles. If it looked pretty or interesting, I went and checked it out. Spoke to a decent amount of people, translated at one point for some Americans and generally had a great day.
Made my way back to Buquebus right on time and sitting on the ferry now. On a different ferry than the one I came over on so going to check this one out. Getting a few things from the duty free store as well. My own back pack for one! Staying at the hostel was way, way to easy not to do again. A tango show/lessons as well as a night out with the other people in the hostel are definitely in order! Now just to get back home before I fall asleep. Been a crazy couple days!

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