Friday, February 15, 2013

February 15th - 10:23pm

Spent the morning at Equus with Invasor, Kir Royal, Virtuoso and Geologo schooling. All four were super good with the two young geldings being total rock stars. It was their forst adventure out as riding horses and they were both great. Well behaved, easy to work with and totally chill. It did mean a hot morning out in the sun though. But apparently the heat should slack off in March. Which is sad because we're not their yet and great because we're less than half a month away. The afternoon was cleaning, organizing, helping Fernando and getting ready for tomorrow's presentation of the auction horses. I should be getting to bed early since it's going to be a longlong day but obviously, I'm not.
Staying up too late listening to music and talking to friends. Missing home tonight. A lot. I keep thinking it should be easier to be away after being gone so long. But it doesn't never easier. The lack of other girls here really is hitting hard too. Just someone to chat with during the day. To share breakfast or dinner with. It's far too early to be saying it but I'm pretty ready to be back stateside. For awhile at least 70 days until home. I've got this.
It's been a hot, busy week here getting everything ready for tomorrow/the auction. Hoping we can hit the routine of prepping each week and it will get easier. Cause right now it's stressing me out and its not even my auction. Everything is pretty well put together at this point though so just a matter of getting the last bits together. I'm sure tomorrow will be pretty crazy since it is the first time doing an open house but hoping for the best. Fingers crossed!

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