Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February 5th - 10:45pm

Busy and long day today. Jumped Cor Lit first off this morning then helped Rodrigo with the two young horses. Then rode Invasor and ended up doing a little jump school on him with Marcus' lesson. After that it was Oficiala, Quarial, Orly, Nacar, Puccini and Justinian with flat rides. Nacar was my favorite of the day hands down. Martin changed his bit and schooled him all last week which he was going super nicely. I've always liked his gaits and temperment but as he comes along in his training I like him even more. He never quits, never says no and just keeps getting better. Super good pony! Not that anyone today was bad though. He was just my favorite.
Ended up riding until decently late in the afternoon and then had to switch gears to showing Casia and Ojiva to a client. Which was suppose to happen at 6:00. Since they're clients and this is Argentina, they didn't show until almost 7:00. Joy. Both mares were super good though especially considering they have never been ridden that late AND have never been asked to jump that high. Not always a fan of the way people try horses here. Very little on the flat and lots of jumping over big fences. I try to keep an open mind but still not how I would try horses or want mine tried like. Im sure I will be seeing a lot of interesting horse trying in the coming weeks though. As of next Saturday we are opening the farm up on on Saturday afternoons for people to come see the auction horses. I have no idea how it's going to go but the sheer thought of preparing 19 horses is daunting. You have no idea which horses people will want to see so just have to have everything ready. I'm use to getting 3-5 ready and shown to people but 19? Hoping for sanity. All the horses are going super nicely though so at least my only worry is getting them ready. Could be a lot worse!
Hopefully some of the videos I have ridden in will be posted to facebook soon so I can see them! Maybe post them here too. Except the one with Quantum. When we took the video I had never jumped him and only been on him a handful of times. Whenever he put power into his jump, I had no idea how to stay balanced. As Rachel put it "You had some fabulous neck riding there on landing". If you cut the video off when we're actually in the air it looks fine. Once he flips that hind up though, Im on his neck. Really want to study the video some to put together how to ride that jump. A lot of times watching video helps me a lot. Plus its just fun riding for the camera on super nice horses! Hoping for more good riding tomorrow!

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