Monday, February 18, 2013

February 18th - 9:59pm

<p>Never thought there would be a day when an "easy day" consists of only doing flat rides on 8 horses. Was on Cor Lit, Picaro, Justinian, Montana, Puccini, Invasor, Kir Royal and Holandesa. Everyone was good with though really it wasn't much more than the usual w/t/c/transitions work. Nothing over difficult for Monday morning.
It was a beautiful morning though. The forcast has been saying rain for awhile now but so far just cooler and cooler weather. So nice. I feel like I could ride for hours when the weather is cool. Hours and hours. Love it. Brought more pasteries this morning too. Lost track of how many times I have fallen off but I've brought a dozen pasteries 4 times now so getting there. Or at least starting too!
Tomorrow will be a busier day for sure. Fingers crossed that the weather stays nice and the horses are great!

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