Monday, February 11, 2013

February 10th - 9:20pm

Any hope of sleeping in this morning was dashed when I had to open the gate for Walter and then could not get back to sleep. Laid around like a bum for a bit then got my stuff together and headed into town. Going into BA has gone from being a near insurmountable task to an every weekend thing. If I don't go into town I feel like I have been a far bigger bum than is really acceptable. So made the walk to Petrobras and caught the bus to town. Then had the lovely experience of hanging out on the side of the road as when the bus ran out of fuel. Got to love a bus driver that lets a PACKED bus run out of gas on the side of the highway. In 30+ degree heat. So we stopped and waited for another truck to bring us the fuel we needed. Thankfully we were not held up long as it was incredibly hot on the side of the road and I was getting fried. One of the joys of being pale. I go through sun screen like it is going out of style and anything that does not have sun screen is bright red.
Eventually made it into town and after cooling off in Starbucks for a bit I hopped on the subway and headed to Plaza de Mayo. Always nice to see the gorgeous buildings in that area but I was actually headed to the bus tour on Flordia (yes, a street name). The bus tour does a huge loop of the biggest/best sights in BA. It goes for about 3.5 hours and you can get on/off the bus at any stop to see more. You listen to the presentation in one of 10 languages and they have someone on the bus to answer any questions as well. A really cool idea in theory and I have heard the tour is pretty good. Today, however, I believe they were experiencing some problems. There was a decent sized line waiting for the bus and unhappy people in the little ticket place. Opted to just watch what was happening a bit before getting my ticket. Definitely a good idea there. There was suppose to be a tour starting quite frequently according to the sign and website (every 20 minutes) but for whatever reason there was a hold up. The next bus wasn't coming around for another hour and a half. Maybe. Ended up skipping on that for the day and wandering down Flordia. It is a pedestrian road with different shops off it. Talked with some people, looked in the stores and checked things out. Not bad considering the big temperature sign said 34 degrees. Awesome. Eventually headed back to the subway to get back to the bus stop. Super proud of myself there because I ended up being asked how to get out of the subway by a stranger and could tell him! In his defence, there are four lines that all meet at Plaza de Mayo and it is not always easy to navigate. But I could tell him!
Got off a stop before Plaza Italia to walk next to the botanical garden and pick up the pasties I owe for falling off. Ive lost track at this point how much I've come off but I figure if I buy some every Sunday I should be good by the time I leave. And this place had really good looking pasteries. Definitely a place to head back too!
Caught a pretty empty bus back to Moreno which was incredibly nice after making the ride the last couple times standing on a crowded one. Then the not so nice rain started about half way home. Which meant a long walk in the wet. Which ended up being an even longer walk when what looked like a short cut got me totally turned around. God watches out for kids and stupid people though so found my way somehow and ended up home without too much trouble. Thank goodness for the big tower (not entirely sure what it is there for) next to the farm though. You can see if from a decent distance and it sits right next to the front gate. Managed to make it home right before the real rain, thunder and lightening hit which was good.
Headed to bed at a decent hour since it is sure to be an insane week. First open house for the auction this Saturday!

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