Wednesday, February 13, 2013

February 13th - 8:56pm

For whatever reason, my alarm clock did not go off this morning. Set just like normal and nada. Woke up at 7:10 and nearly killed myself shooting out of bed. Im suppose to give grain in the morning before 7:30 so over sleeping like that is not good. Somehow managed to scramble into clothes, into the barn and get everything that needed to be done by 7:30 done by 7:30. New land speed records may have been set though. Definitely not how I like to start mornings.
Was on Picaro first for a short hack. He's been off work for awhile so today was his first day back. He was very good. Then was on Montana followed by Justinian. Longed Kir Royal and Cardona while waiting for Martin to get back from running errands.
We got on all the auction horses and jumped them around a bit. I ended up jumping Cor Lit, Puccini, Nacar, Casia, Quarz and Holandesa. Flatted some of the other but can't remember who at this point. Everyone I jumped was good and Martin had some really good points about setting standards. Basically when you walk in you've got the standard that everything usually happens at. If you walk in each day and start low then eventually get to acceptable or good then there is no improvement. You have to build each time and push to raise the standard or it will never happen. If you know a horse likes to come in weak and stall a bit then just dont let it happen. Dont wait till the last time around to push and get there. Do that the first time so the rest of the ride you can push different things. Not the same thing over and over again. On a similar note if you have a horse that usually goes around at a 6 speed, you can lower it a bit or raise it a bit. But going from 6 to 3 to 8 does not work. Changes to 5 or 7 work. Nothing drastic. Especially with the young ones.
All in all a decent day. A busy one for sure. I was tired by the time lunch rolled around and there was still a lot of day left at that point. I don't know how Martin does it as I feel like I could use several days of straight sleep at this point.

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