Saturday, February 23, 2013

February 23rd - 11:55pm

What. A. Day.
We got started off right away with the horses that are not in the auction. I was on Picaro, Virtuoso, Invasor, Kir Royal, Geologo and Justinian. Then Puccini and Cor Lit for quick hacks just to get out. Picaro was feeling good today and was super fun to take over the little cavalettis. He was jumping them like they were 2'6" or so. I miss jumping that horse. He just feels so great. When I jumped Quantum a few weeks ago he showed me what power can feel like. I had no idea how to even ride it though. None. When I jump Picaro I can feel how big of a jump he has but it doesn't throw me at all. Easy to seee a distance, easy to stay with and rideable. We terrorize each other some times but in the end, I reallyreally enjoy him. Such a nice horse.
Once the morning horses were finished I jumped in to help Camilla (yay Camilla is here!! And she brought diet coke!!) and the guys get finished. Everyone was working hard so there really was not a huge amount left. A few horses to clean up, some organizational stuff, sweeping and then lunch!
Just after two the first clients pulled in and over the next hour, at least 20-25 arrived. Unlike last weekend, none of them wanted to see any horses in particular so we pulled them all out. A bit of an under taking but hey, thats the job. Everyone jumped well in the free jump when we started with the whole bringing horses to the ring process moving a lot quicker. The under saddle portion went just as smoothly. I ended up riding a decent amount of them plus Karin for the first time! Once again, something I probably would have freaked a bit about when I first arrived. Riding a green horse I've never been on before infront of clients? Today though, no big deal. Rode Puccini over fences as well and made an active attempt at keeping my weight in my heel and leg under me. I feel like it was better than last week and hopefully the photos will show the improvement. Love photos.
After Martin, Rachel, Federico, Camilla, Martins dad and I hung out for a bit just chatting. I may not be able to add much to the conversation in spanish but I do a lot better at following than I use to. Martins dad was kind enough to offer Camilla and I a ride into town. Thank goodness we were able to go with him. About halfway to capital we saw the 57 bus broken down on the side of the rode. Awesome. But we got to Palermo in no time at all. Then just a quick ride on the subway to 9 de Julio and the hostel! There was a guy on the subway who played the violin and was just fantastic as well. Normally I try to ignore the people asking for money but this guy could play. Figured if he could make me smile I could afford a few dollars. And since I didn't have any small bills in pesos I actually did end up giving him a few dollars. Got a bit of a funny look but he cracked a smile as well. Finding those little things.
Once off the subway, I found the hostel again no problem, got my keys, checked out the room and promptly headed back outside to walk. One thing I can say about big cities is those night light are just gorgeous. Didn't go anywhere in particular. Just wandered checking out the sights Ive come to know so well in a different light. Trying not to stay up too late in the main room at the hostel but honestly, its tough. So fun to just be out. Love it. But have an early morning tomorrow with a trip to Uruguay!!

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