Monday, February 4, 2013

February 4th - 8:47pm

Happy birthday to the best (and only) little brother I have. He's 16 today and spending his birthday working at WEF down in Flordia. Like me he's a working student with big dreams for his riding. He's well on his way to achieving a lot of them too. Hoping he had a great day at the show.
I ended up having a pretty great day here as well. Stayed up far too late last night and had to drag myself out of bed this morning but once I was up life got better. Turns out we had two new guys here to ride. One is here from San Luis and is just staying until Wednesday as a clinic/lesson thing. The other will hopefully be taking over Camilla's job of grooming/preparing horses. She helped the barn run a lot smoother while she was here. Just with being able to step in pretty much where ever necessary to help. Both the guys seem really nice and are about my age. They only speak spanish so communication is a bit slow but that's life. My spanish is a lot better than it use to be but it's still pretty terrible. Maybe this new influx of spanish only people combined with the lack of english speaking people will change that.
It ended up being a pretty quite/easy day all things considering. I rode Uxmal, Invasor, Virtuoso, Justinian, Cor Lit and Puccini. And we jumped almost all the young ones in the free jump. Everyone was well behaved and looks like the week is off to a good start. Plus, the weather was AMAZING yesterday and today. Looks like it will stay that way all week too! Hopefully!

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