Wednesday, February 6, 2013

February 6th - 10:27pm

Morning started off helping Rodrigo with the young horses. Then helping Martin warm up horses for his lessons with Mono. Was on Puccini, Invasor and Geologo for that. Hopped on Cor Lit after and jumped around a little bit with him. Just small verticals and x-rails. Was suppose to get on Justinian after but ended up getting side tracked showing Holandesa to some clients. She was very good for them and I was super happy with the fact I didn't get nervous at all. Would have been ridiculous if I had but I probably would have been when I first arrived. Everything went well though and I was able to hop on Justinian after. Followed him with Orly and finally my favorite Nacar! Quick lunch then onto riding the last two of the day: Quarz and Quarial. Both were good and everyone seems to be ready for tomorrow! More filming for the facebook page! It was Marcus' last day here (my diet coke is now safe...) so he headed home tonight. One more thing getting back to normal around here. It feels like there are a hundred projects going on here right now with guys going every which direction. Normally I think of Rancho Pampa as being fairly closed and quiet. Well, not right now. It's non stop something right now. But hopefully the projects will start wrapping up soon with a completed loft, gazebo and new roof on the outdoor barn!

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