Sunday, February 17, 2013

February 17th - 11:48pm

Up too late once again writing blog posts and talking to friends but oh well. Had a great day today. Slept in as late as I could (9:00) then took my time waking up, getting my stuff together and finally getting to the bus stop to head to town. It looked like rain was on the horizon so was keeping my fingers crossed not to get poured on but due to the incoming rain, the weather was fantastic so had to get out. Actually got a seat on the bus into town this time too! My goal for the afternoon was check out Buquebus about the ferry to Uruguay and to check out some local hostels. I have been wanting to go to Uruguay for awhile now (beyond needing to get my visa renewed) and finally figured out a way to do it. To get to the closest city in Uruguay (Colonia) you have to take a one hour ferry ride there. The best place to get the ferry is Buquebus which is at the end of Puerto Madero. Getting to Puerto Madero is about 2 hour adventure from the farm. More time if the bus system is not working like it should. Less if you catch some luck and everything moves quickly. So I've been debating the ways of how to get from the farm to Buequbus for the ferry (have to arrive an hour early for that), take the ferry, see the town then repeate to get back. While staying in day light hours. Was thinking I would take a remis but that's a bit pricey so was looking into other options. A mix of my ideas, reddit and random wandering in that area brought me to the idea of staying in a hostel in the city Saturday night. So googled it and came up with two that were quite close with fairly high ratings. If I stayed in one I would be able to take the earliest ferry to Colonia, not have to stress about the bus that early, not have to hire a remis and potentially meet some cool people. Plus trying something new which I'm always up for nowdays. So I had the address for on on Corrientes Ave and one on Flordia Ave along with the one for Buquesbus and a plan. Always a good thing.
So bus to town, subway to 9 de Julio and quick walk to Corrientes. The hostel there looked great and the people in reception were very nice as they answered all my questions. Also learned that Buquebus was only 10 blocks or so from there which was much closer than I thought. Grabbed a taxi to Buquebus anyway since I was a bit worried about the rain and wanted someone who knew how to get there to take me the first time. Literally took about three minues to get there. Badgered the poor information lady and ticket people in bad Spanish for a bit before buying a ticket to go to Uruguay next Sunday!
Walked from Buquebus to Puerto Madero then up Corrientes toward the hostel. Some gorgeous buildings, views and places in that area. Once I got to the hostel, I booked a room for Saturday night! Opted to split a room in the girls dorm just to see what it's like. I figure it can't be much different than splitting the house here and it's only for a night. So as of right now I have everything set for next weekend! Incredibly excited though wishing Megg, Alice or Camilla could be there with me. Part of the fun of an adventure is sharing it with someone but either way, I am incredibly excited! Saturday is going to be a long day with another open house but still looking forward to it. One more thing to cross off my list!

Also picked up some post cards of my favorite places in BA while at Buquebus!

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