Wednesday, February 20, 2013

February 20th - 9:42pm

Great day at Rancho Pampa today. Started off the morning hacking Picaro then all the auction horses did a jump exercise. Vertical,three stride, vertical, two stride, vertical, two stride vertical. If the first time through was good then the last three jumps became oxers. Every single one of those horses that I saw went through without batting an eye. Just went. First time they've ever seen that many jumps in a row and not a care in the world. Martin let me take Nacar and Uxmal through. Just took each of them through twice since both were great but took the time to work on my position over fences a bit with Martin. Leg under me not infront and weight balanced in my heels. Staying light with the horse infront of me without tipping my shoulders to get behind or ahead. Both horses were super good though. Also warmed up Ojiva, Orly and a few others for Martin to jump through the line.
After Mono came for us to school some of the older horses with. I ended up getting to do a lesson on Puccini! Very exciting stuff. Mono had me work on staying closer to the saddle before and after the fence with my hands a bit higher up. Both things worked really well to improve my ride on Puccini. Did a bit of course work at 1.10-1.15m or so and I felt like it went pretty decently. Got thumbs up from Mono as well so hopefully he thought it was good too. Puccini isn't always my favorite to ride but that horse can jump. Everything felt a fair amount bigger than it actually was which was cool. Don't think we had any rails either even with an interesting distance here or there. All in all, he was really a good boy.
After I hopped on Cor Lit, Justinian and Montana for the rides I usually do right off in the morning. All three of them were good as was Cardona who I longed afterward. Then treatments, wrapping, dewormer and all the normal afternoon stuff. Dinner with Martin and Rachel finished off the day. A busy day for sure but a good one! It's raining at the moment and looks like it is going to keep on most of the night and tomorrow which is a shame. Hate being stuck inside!

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