Saturday, February 9, 2013

February 9th - 7:30pm

Busy day today! Thankfully one where I felt much better. Started off helping Rodrigo then switched gears to filming some of the young horses for Martin. Both the young horses Rodrigo and Martin were on were quite good.
After all that I hopped on Justinian and started the riding for the day. After Justinian was a jump lesson on Puccini which finished well. Had to do a five stride to a one stride followed by a second one stride. The first jump was 2'6" or so with the one stides set at large cross rails. Took a couple tries and some help from Martin but we eventually got it. The one strides were short and we kept bouncing the last one. Got it done though and that's what matters. Martin also commented that I have gotten a lot closer/tighter to the horse which allows me to react to what they do much quicker. Definitely a good thing. After it was flat rides in Virtuoso, Geologo, Montana, Nacar, Orly, Casia and Invasor. Everyone was well behaved and finished off the week well.
A good day for sure but I will admit even after the ridiculously early night yesterday, I was still tired crawling off those last couple. Just thankful it isn't as hot as it was last week! Maybe the intense heat really is gone!
And in just one week we start the open houses for the auction! People will start coming next Saturday afternoon. Can't believe it!

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