Monday, February 25, 2013

February 28th - 10:14pm

We have internet even if the connection is somewhat inconsistent. A bit frustrating but definitely could be worse. And it certainly didn't stop me from staying up too late talking to friends and family. Which included sending entirely to many photos of Picaro to various family members. Rode him today and he was a rock star. Also hacked Cor Lit, Puccini and Holandesa. Did a brief jump school on Justinian as well. Free jumped the auction horses in prep for Saturday's open house and spent the afternoon doing more prep. Tomorrow should be a light riding day as well with all the auction horses having the day off. Busy afternoon braiding manes over, cleaning up horses and doing that type stuff. Plus keeping fingers crossed the rain that is expected for Saturday holds off. We've been lucky so far with sunny skys and beautiful weather. Just a few more weekends please! Hard to believe we're narrowing in on the last bit before this auction. Time is flying by!

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