Monday, February 4, 2013

February 3rd - 11:16pm

Slept in late today. Well overslept really. But it was still super nice to do even if it wasn't exactly how I was suppose to be spending my morning. Hurried out of Rancho Pampa, caught the bus and headed into town to meet Camilla. She'd had a bunch of stuff here so left some with me to bring when I went into town today. Due to some miscommunication and bad internet I ended up hanging out in Starbucks for awhile once I arrived in town but honestly, I cannot complain one bit about that. Hung out, read my book and enjoyed the change of scenery. Once I met up with Camila we walked down through Palermo where she lives to another bus stop which we took to the Buenos Aires riding club. She wanted to show me the horse she use to lease but sadly enough he wasn't there. Most of the club school horses get turned out in the country during the summer and that's where her Skipper had gone. So we picked up her stuff that was stored there (pretty dressage saddle, bridle, polos and the like), caught a taxi and brought it all back to her house. We met up with Joy there, went for a walk around the neighborhood and finished with ice cream at a fantastic little store. Absolutely incredible ice cream. Don't know how they do it in this country but it's so good. After I caught the bus and headed home. Not sure why but the trip ended up being longer than usual so didn't get off the bus to nearly dark. Then had the walk home. Usually it takes about 20 minutes to get from the bus stop to home. Im pretty sure I did it in about 13 minutes. I don't live in a neighborhood where walking after dark (especially alone) is anywhere near a good idea. Got home safely though and headed to my very clean house. I went nuts yesterday after work with bleach and windex. Everything is clean and spotless. Hanging out in my room now talking to friends and staying up too late. Definitely going to regret it tomorrow but I'll live. Hoping for a great week!

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