Saturday, February 23, 2013

February 21st - 9:22pm

More rain last night so a quiet day today. Cleaned up Invasor for photos, day two of the dewormer and a hundred other little things. Really would rather be riding but that's life. The ring still looked really flooded this afternoon so just keeping my fingers crossed that it will good to ride on tomorrow. We have an open house Saturday to prep for!
No internet at the moment since it was unplugged today for a bit. Debated on walking to Petrobras but with the roads as nasty as they are decided not to so a quiet night at home to cap off a quiet day. A bit grumpy and homesick at the moment but pretty sure it's just restlessness. Just need to get in the saddle and work tomorrow. Hoping I can! Then just praying for a clear day Saturday and Sunday for the open house and Uruguay!

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