Tuesday, February 12, 2013

February 12th - 9:41pm

Any hope I had that the heat was gone for good has been dashed. It even rained Sunday night and Monday was still hot. The ring was flooded yesterday so just a lot of mane pulling, nose clipping and cleaning up inside. Didn't feel it warrented a whole blog post.
The ring was somewhat rideable this morning so we took everyone out for a trot. Not a big work out but enough to stretch their legs and get the edge off a bit. I was on a fair amount as usual. Justinian, Cor Lit, Uxmal, Quarial, Casia, Montana, Puccini, Pastrocito, Orly and maybe one more. Honestly, they all run together a bit after while. Everyone was well behaved which was very nice since it is going to be a hugely busy week. Horse show Friday and people to look at the Auction horses Saturday! Camilla is coming to help on Saturday though which is super great. I miss having her around! Did get an email off to the girl coming in March though. She seems very nice and I'm excited to have someone else here (even if it is still quite a distance off!).
Now if only this heat would let up...

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