Saturday, February 23, 2013

February 22nd - 9:21pm

One of those days where I'm not entirely sure who all I rode. Just flat out lost track. The ring was still pretty wet when we started so the first four were just walking. Schooled halts, transitions in the walk, some lateral things and walked over cavaletti. Nacar, Orly, Quarial and Uxmal were all good for that. By then the end of those three the ring had dried up enough for some trotting so took Montana, Picaro and Cor Lit out. Same type ride for them but with some trotting on the dry parts thrown in. Kir Royal wrapped up my morning rides and by the time I got on him it was decently dry. Was able to do some big figure eights and the like while avoiding the larger wet spots. He, like everyone else in the morning, was very good. It's been a rather inconsistent week of work for a group of horses that are use to going out just about every single day. They all are staying just like normal though.
After lunch Martin had me take Cardona out for a trot. It was my first time riding her and she was great. Settled right in to working despite the building going on in the ring and who knows what going on on the other side of the fence. Not a care in the world. Super nice to ride as well. Forward but not hot and pretty well balanced for such a large young horse. Getting on her brings the list of horses still to ride at Rancho Pampa down to three. Not bad considering most of the horses here weren't even broke 6 months ago. Some (like Cardona) have barely been broke two months! Thus far I'm really enjoying the young ones. Prior to this job I had not worked with them much but learning a ton and I like them. Sometimes they can be silly but these guys are all pretty solid and improve every single day.
After Cardona I took Justinian and Holandesa out a bit. Walk, trot, canter and all that jazz. Suprisingly, Justinian was the most rambuncious of the day! Both he and Holandesa finished well though. Once the riding was finished there was still about a hundred things left to do for tomorrows open house. Got most of it finished but at least there will be a bit of time tomorrow to wrap it up. And Camilla's coming!! Can't wait to see here, show off the horses in the open house and head out for my first night in Capital! Busy day!

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