Thursday, August 30, 2012

August 30th - 9:32pm

<p>&lt;p&gt;Busy, busy day. Alice, Martin and Rodrigo went into town early for the series show at the Aleman. That left me home doing what I love best: riding. The ones from the show yesterday had the day off so that left me with a lot of young/green ones which is rapidly becoming my favorite group. Rode Geologo first and its almost embarrassing that I use to find him difficult to work. Today was my first time on him in almost two months so Ive had a lot of time to improve. Getting on him was both enjoyable and eye opening. He is such a nice horse and being able to actually work him a bit was fun. After I rode Nacar and Uxmal. Both are still quite green but have a ton of potential. Ive ridden Nacar a decent amount before and hes still the same easy going baby. Uxmal was a little fresh after having yesterday off but youd have to know how quite he normally is to realize he was up. Another sweet, easy going baby. Besides that, though, they are polar opposites. Nacar being slimly built, about 15hh and grey while Uxmal is great big bay tank of a horse at close to 17hh. <br>
After the babies I had my two of my favorite mares; Olendesa and Pierrette. Both were quite good and are settling back into the swing of work. Quiet, soft and relaxed today. Those two are my favorite type of horse. Forward and sensitive without being over the top. I still have a lot to learn about riding horses like that but they are without a doubt my favorites to sit on.
Jour and Lion were next on the list. Both are coming back to work nicely. They both worked up nicely into the bridle during the ride. Jour's canter especially has improved so much in the last two months. He still doesnt have the stride Lion does but I no longer feel like Im cantering a medium pony. As my riding is improving he is becoming more and more fun as well. I can ask him correctly for difficult things and actually get them! Both those horses are so nice Im amazed they are still here. Especially Lion since he could qualify as ammy horse of the year. Not sure there is anything he wouldnt tolerate. And nothing phases him.
The afternoon was spent on the two greys Herodes and Pastrocito. They were there usual selves. Nothing too terribly special there. By the time I got the them (horses 9 and 10) I was pretty close to being finished riding for the day. Adore riding but by the time you get to double digets in hotter temps, its not quite as exciting as it was at 8:00am.
Martin and Alice got back around 3:00 so once I was finished it was right in to help unpack and get the horses back settled in. All the horses at the show was good and made it home in one piece! Tomorrow will be a less busy day with many of the horses still having time off after the shows the last couple days. Ive just got some of my favorites, Uxmal, Pierrette, Olendesa, Navratilova and probably either Jour or Nacar. Super tired at the moment but still cant wait for tomorrow!

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