Saturday, August 4, 2012

August 4th - 9:16pm

Everything is still under water here so we carted the series horses plus some extras to San Martin to school. I rode Cylene, Mauro, Luli and Buck. Everyone was a little up after having yesterday off and being in a new place but they all finished well. Which is good since we have a horse show tomorrow at City Bell. We're taking Luli, Cylene, Puccini, Nixon, Benito, Mauro, Skyline, Justinian and Georgia. This is one of the series shows so some will be doing straight meter classes and some series classes. Should be fun! Love horse shows.
Spent the afternoon getting all the stuff together for the show. Hoping to have the first 6 horses on the trailer by 5:30 so going to be an early start in the morning! Everyone's wrapped so just have to groom them and throw them on the trailer. Fingers crossed it goes quickly. Had dinner with Martin, Rachel and Alice which was very yummy (Mexican food!). As always it was fun and with lots of laughing between Alice and I. Walking back to our house we started collecting barn cats since Alice wants to be the cat lady. As of right now I believe Ramone, Chester and Lady Jane are passed out in her room. Good thing I gave her the big bed! Origonally I was going to get the cute calico Ramone but Alice's room seems to be the place to be if you're a Rancho Pampa cat so I lost out.
Oh and on a totally different note, if I had not changed my flight plans to stay a year, I would currently be on a plane headed back to the United States right now. Such a strange thought! I am so glad I was able to stay because I am so not ready to leave now. I have so much left to learn from Martin and these horses. Plus I would miss everyone here terribly. So excited to have 9 more months to learn, travel around and make friends!

Photo of Buck at her new home!

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