Friday, August 24, 2012

August 24th - 8:51pm

It poured again last night and throughout today so pretty much all the progress that had been made on having a dry ring went flying downhill. As a result I painted poles, planks and gates from 7:35 this morning to 6:15pm. Had lunch with the guys at 1:00 and went right back to it. It is a really good thing I like painting. Today was touching up the colors and white as well as putting the first coats on some new things Martin is building. Mostly more gates and a rolltop. By the end of the day all the poles were painted, stacked and organized. Didn't get through everything I had on my list but still felt like I got a lot accomplished.
We're taking 11 horses to the Aleman to school tomorrow since it is not suppose to rain. Im hoping the worst is over as far as rain goes. I asked Martin one time if BA got natural disasters like hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes and whatnot. He said this area does not get any of that but when it rains, it freakin' rains. I now fully understand that. It rains hard and for days. Its raining right now actually! Not that that needs an exclamation point. Really it needs a not happy face. So over all the rain. But going to the Aleman tomorrow will be fun. Hopefully everyone will be good. Theyve been incredible considering the less than ideal work out conditions but theyre still young. Early morning tomorrow (4:30am!) so Alice and I are headed to bed early. If we can sleep with the torrential downpour that is now going on outside.

Photos of the almost finished poles this morning and one of the final pole/plank/gate organization. Pretty exciting stuff.

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