Thursday, August 16, 2012

August 16th - 9:47pm

Alice and I spent a very large portion of the day de-cobwebbing the barn. It ended up being the least fun job I thin Ive ever dobe. And I volunteered us for it. I dont mind cleaning. Especially in a barn. So sweeping the spider webs down was't too bad. The owners of the webs, however, were not thrilled with our work. Three times I shot out of stalls screaming and trying to swat giant spiders off of me. They fell, jumped and launched onto us at entirely too high a frequency. And from what I saw Rancho Pampa has at least 5 different types of spiders. My least favorite being the giant grey ones. Don't have a favorite. Just have four types that are not quite as bad as that one.
In addition to wrestling with the spiders and webs, Alice and I cleaned windows, washed things and generally worked on staying productive. I try to keep a running list of stuff that needs to be done on the white board which gives us something to work off of but as of late my list as been dwindling. Have taken to translating the guys to-do list and helping with that as well. Good for the guys and my spanish!
Tomorrow, thankfully, were headed back to San Martin to ride. Im super excited. Entirely too much time out of the saddle and on my own feet lately! Plus the lack of riding, and consequently lessons, means I have never to nothing to write about. Which means whoever is reading this blog gets to hear about my day with spiders. And that I still have the heebie-jeebies thinking about those spiders on me. Lovely.

Photos by Alice. One of me cleaning and trying very hard not to fall. The other of two of the big grey spiders. And these were two smaller ones...

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