Thursday, August 9, 2012

August 9th - 9:48pm

I have absolutely bo idea why I am still awake. Alarm went off at 4:00am. Well over 12 hours ago. Not sure I want to count how many hours it has been. But we got loaded for the show in record time and on the road just after 5:30. Had Justinian, Mauro, Cylene, Puccini, Benito and Georgia on board. Everyone did very well in their series classes. Justinian and Benito jumped beautifully and clear. The rest jumped well but had a rail each. The jumps are getting bigger and the courses harder each show though so I think they all did pretty well. I got to sit on almost everyone to warm up which was fun. Im slowly getting use to schooling rings here. It is 100% watch out for yourself and your horse. Don't worry about any one else and you'll likely be ok. Maybe. Made it though the day though. And even if the schooling ring isn't an idea riding space it was still fun to get on the horses I dont usually ride (ie Benito and Justinian).
After the show we packed up as fast as humanly possible and shot back home. Got in about 3:30 which left time for Alice and I to groom, poultice and wrap the 6 we brought. The guys are on pole painting duty so we're covering some of the barn chores for them. 100% works for me. Painting 80+ poles solid white is not high on my list of things I want to do during my day. Ive done my fair share of jump painting but it usually is outside on pretty days and with fun colors. I enjoy that. Inside and with white paint? Ill pass if possible. Plus the paint thinner and I are not buddies in that confined of a space. But Alice and I did get all the horses taken care of with 15 minutes to spare. Super great stuff really.
On a totally different note, I had four times today where it was pointed out that I was a foreigner. Ranged from a total stranger politely asking where I was from to Walter telling me I had to work because I wasn't Argentine. Definitely a record for me. Usually I only get a few weird looks and a question or two. Just something about today I guess. And I wasn't even going out of my way to be weird today. Far too busy to do that.

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