Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August 14th - 9:26pm

Almost forgot to write a blog post today! Not that there is much to write about. The lack of activities and somewhat late hour will be keeping this pretty short.
We took the series one and two horses to San Martin to school which took most of the morning. I rode Cylene and warmed up Maruo for Martin. Both went well. Very inoressed with how the horses are handling being off their schedule. When there isnt rain these horses are under saddle 6 days a week for about 30 min a day. They are downright fit. With this terrible weather its been down to 20 minutes or so every other day. If we're lucky. And yet for the most part they're staying pretty quiet and easy going. Definitely have a batch of good ponies here.
After San Martin we spent the afternoon doing the usual grooming, cleaning, ect. It also included packing the trailer to take 12 horses to San Martin tomorrow. The 6 from Monday and the 6 from today. We have a horse show Thursday so trying to keep everyone fit and going with all the rain. And trust me there is a TON of rain. So we're in the barn at 5:30 tomorrow to start the processes of wrapping, loading and shipping ponies. Should be a busy but productive day!

So much water outside! And Violeta decided to go hay climbing again.

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