Saturday, September 1, 2012

August 31st - 11:54pm

Good day at Rancho Pampa. Rode Navratilova, Olendesa, Uxmal, Pierrette, Jour and Pastrocito. Not a huge group but since I had to tack and untack them all it took all morning. Plus the weather is heating up which always makes riding that much more challenging physically. The first four horses are all new rides for me which is very fun. Im loving riding all of the different horses. Especially the younger horses. Theyre so new to their work and so much fun to get on. Every day you can feel improvement from the day before. And easier transition or a more balanced trot. So rewarding.
After work Martin, Rachel, Alice and I went into town for Gallery Nights. Gallery Nights is when a whole bunch of art galleries in capital stay open till ten at night for a weekend. Artists and featured, there are tours and all sorts of things. We went to support Martins moms but after stopping in for a bit Alice and I took off to look at some of the other open galleries. Some had abstract art, others with paintings almost photo like and some with statues. All very cool. We saw seven or so before heading back to meet Martin and Rachel for dinner. Went to an awesome mexican place. So yummy to get spicy food! A little bit of a late night but thankfully weve got tomorrow off!

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