Tuesday, August 7, 2012

August 7th - 7:55pm

So first off, congrats to the Brits to kicking some serious ass. Alice and I have been compulsively checking olympic results (ie every time we get a chance to click refresh on our tablets) and today the Brits finished off their team medal spree with gold in dressage. Now to see how the individual competitors do! Not sure what we'll do once the olympics are over. I know Ill be following pony finals as well as the medal/derby finals back home but those dont have quite the media coverage the olympics does.
Besides that, the day was pretty normal. Origionally we were going to take the series one and two horses to school at the Hipico for the show Thursday. Had a last minute change this morning and ended up only taking the series one. So Martin and Alice packed the horses up and went to school. I ended up staying at home to ride on the roads with Rodrigo. Definitely think I got the better end of that deal since I got to actually ride and wasnt stuck in traffic for a veryvery long time. As of late me and car rides havent been mixing well so any time I can get out of riding in a car for several hours is good. So while they went to town I was able to ride Luli, Benito, Puccini and Nacar. Almost got to ride Geologo but the skies positively opened up right before we got on so that was a no go. Everyone was good and it was nice to be able to ride out for a change. Sometimes rings get so stuffy after youve been in them every day for hours. Least I think so.
Martin and Alice got back around 1:00 so we unpacked the horses and grabbed lunch. Alice and I then spent the afternoon doing treatments, helping the guys and getting stuff together for the show tomorrow. We're taking Luli, Benito, Nixon, Puccini and Skyline. Going to be an early, early morning. Got to have all the horses in the trailer by 5:30! Fingers crossed it quits raining as well!

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