Friday, August 17, 2012

August 17th - 9:05pm

Today started at 7:00am when I gave grain to the horses. Now, 13 hours later we have just started the drive home from the Hipico. We took three loads of horses to San Martin today which in and of itself is a big day. Then, part way through the morning we got news that there was an American client in town looking at horses. They would be available to show horses to at the Hipico later in the afternoon. So all morning was spent riding, moving horses and trying to stay organized with so many different horses going different places. And trying unsuccessfully not to get soaking wet. Which was pretty much totally loss. Thankfully it was not cold though so I could ride in just a polo and dry off a bit. I rode Twilight, Vitroso, Puccini, Luli and Uxmal. Did jumping/grid lessons on Puccini, Uxmal and Luli. Uxmal was a lot of fun. He is just three years old but goes like he has been undersaddle for years. Gives to the bridle, very good off the leg and dead easy to ride. I had walked and trotted him once in the past but today was a full lesson through the grid Martin made. He was fantastic. Uxmal isn't really my type (too thick/bulky for my tastes) but I definitely love riding him. He'll go super quickly. Ill be suprised if more than two people try him. He's just such an all around nice horse. Nice comformation, nice jump, nice personalty. The whole package for an ammy. At the exact opposite end of the spectrum is Luli. Who I rode after Uxmal. I absolutely adore Luli. She's fun, athletic and smart. Plus she has a very cool roan paint spot in her side. Bonus points for an already very cool mare. Today was the first time Id really jumped Luli. Id gone over a cavaletti or fence here or there but today was a real grid. She's got a big jump so usually just Martin rides her. Trotted through the poles a couple times while they were on the ground. Then got the first cross rail set up. Trotted through and no big deal. Got the 2' vertical up three strides later. Two strides past the vertical there were poles on the ground for an oxer. The first time through we made it over all the real jumps and  then Luli jumped the oxer poles. Which should have been a no big deal thing since we were right on stride. But since its me and it had been a pretty unexciting day I opted to throw myself to the right a bit when she jumped. And she scooted left. So I got to experience life as a lawn dart. More specifically, life as a lawn dart in a gigantic mud puddle. Luli very calmly trotted away and went to check out the area behind the covered. Hauled myself out of the puddle, chased down my horse (thankfully caught her before she laid down in the 2' deep puddle) and climbed back on. Not sure Ive even been that filthy. There was mud all down one arm, all over my back, through the vents in my helmet and coating my braid. Absolutely disgusting. I think Martin was having to work to hold a striaght face. I knew exactly what I did wrong so trotted a loop and went through again being very careful to stay centered, secure and with Luli. She went through like nothing had happened and we ended up having a pretty decent lesson through the whole grid. I know my riding is improving like crazy because three months ago I had an impossible time trotting Luli since she is so sensitive. And now I can jump her with at least some level of competency. After Luli was Puccini who isnt my favorite horse in the barn to ride but we still had a good ride. Not a huge fan of flatting him but over fence he's kinda fun. And his jump is suprisingly nice considering his somewhat unorthodox style.
Right after we finished with Puccini and Skyline David pulled in with the trailer so we got untacked super fast, threw Cor Lit, Benito, Twilight and Justinian in the trailer and took off for the Hipico. Pulled in a bit before five and had Martin on Twilight in the ring within 10 minutes of arriving. After that we got a bit more organized with Alice tacking up the horses, me riding them up to the ring and Martin showed them to the clients. They liked Twilight and Bentio so hopefully someone will be leaving soon! The whole process took less than 45 minutes but since David had left to take the remaining horses home from San Martin we were stuck for a bit. So we cleaned horses, cleaned tack and hung out in the club dinning hall. David ended up not getting back to get us until 9:00 so there was a lot of hanging out with Martin and Alice in the hall. Hanging out with them is always hysterical. Alice and I were our usual silly selves and Martin spent almost the whole time making fun/laughing at us. We definitely know how to have fun. So after a crazy day were finally on the way home. Just have to unload these four horses, unpack the trailer and get inside. Having a quick dinner with Martin and Rachel then hot shower and bed! Cant wait to be warm and dry after a day of nonstop rain!

Photo of Luli and her spot.

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