Thursday, August 23, 2012

August 23rd - 9:35pm

Almost forgot to write a blog post tonight! Its been one of those days so wouldnt have been suprised at all if Id forgotten. Im sick (again) and life is never easy here when youre at full speed. Im running well below 100%. Not fun. The day started at 4:30 since we were taking two trailer loads to San Martin. Martin had his lesson with Mono in preparation for the show next Thursday and then we had a couple to just get out and worked. I just rode Luli and then longed a bunch. The ring was fairly busy with people who actually ride at the club so Alice and I did a lot of longing while Martin rode. Martin said everyone was pretty good though. Definitely something to be thankful for since we are going on week three (or has it been longer?) of not being able to ride consistently. I want to ride!
For the afternoon I was back to painting jumps. Most of the colors are on the poles so now it is just touching everything up. Then on to the gates, flower boxes and who knows what else Martin has planned. Being stuck inside has turned the creative switch on in his head. The jump designs, color combinations and whatnot are becoming more and more out there. These horses are going to be totally unflappable by the time he is done with them. Maybe the working students will be too!

And the photo is of a key hole on a door here. Took it because I think they are super cool. You can see through to the other side of the door. Both the keys and locks look like something you would find on in an old fashion house or something. But here, theyre everywhere. This one in particular was at the art gallery the other night.

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