Wednesday, August 22, 2012

August 22nd - 9:14pm

One more day without riding. The rain has slacked off for now but the damage has been done and our ring is still under water. Spent the morning painting stripes on jumps. Todays colors were blue, green and brown. Weve got almost all of the colored ones finished (besides touching up spots) which is exciting and somewhat worrisome. We have had entirely too much time on the ground to paint all these poles! But at least they are getting finished.
We ended up having a bit of a change of plans for the afternoon and planned to take 6 over to the Hipico to longe/get off the property. I jumped in the car to go and we made it about half way down the driveway before Martin sent me back to the barn to get more paint thinner since I had blue and green paint down my cheek. Apparently I looked a bit special ed. Thank you Rodrigo and Walter for that. And despite repeatedly scrubbing my hands with paint thinner, they are still vagely blue. I have a feeling it will be a few days before they are back to their normal color. Thankfully no one at the club noticed and the horses didnt seem to take offense to my blue-ness as they were all quite good. Martin rode Vitroso and we just longed the rest. A pretty uneventful afternoon.
Tomorrow were taking some over to San Martin to school early but after that I have no idea. Weve got a few more conformation shots to take of horses as well as more painting!

Photos of some of our poles getting painted (yes there are more) and a photo of Alice and I with Nixon (courtesy of Rachel).

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