Monday, August 13, 2012

August 13th - 8:30am

So Saturday was roughly the same as Friday with the exception that an attempt was made at riding out on the roads. We got one group ridden and started with a second before the storm moved in. I was on Justinian and Mauro. Both were very good. After that though we were stuck inside again. Cleaning, organizing, grooming, walking and doing the usual. So bored with it. And you can tell everyone is getting kind of tired of being stuck inside with each other. A lot less joking around and talking than usual.
Sunday I didnt even make an effort to be productive. Was up at 7:00 out of habit but spent the whole day either asleep, reading or watching TV with Alice. Do I know how to have a good day or what? Ive read two and a half books since Friday and have probably watched at 7 hours of Criminal Minds. At the very least it was restful. We could have walked to the store or taken a bus to town but when all the roads are 100% mud due to all the rain there isnt much desire to go. Plus there is always the possibility of it starting to rain again. Inside with TV and books sounded much better.
So now its Monday and we're on the way to San Martin with 6 horses in the trailer. Going to school and make a solid effort at keeping all the critters broke to ride. Should be interesting since the batch we have has been off for a week. They're all good horses though so shouldn't be any problems. After we ride these six we'll probably head home and grab six more. So annoying to have to haul out though. A whole day of work and only 12 horses will get worked. Rodrigo stayed home and will likely ride some of them out on the roads so those will get kind of worked. Better than nothing at least. Cant wait until the rain stops and we're all dried out though. We all want back in the saddle!

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