Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August 15th - 9:48pm

Short post today since its late and I have already been up typing college essays. I live my tablet by I hate typing on the touch screen. Drives me insane. Then again, just about everything in making me a little crazy lately. But I think thats the same for everyone. Too much rain and not enough to do! We took 12 over to San Martin to school since there was suppose to be a horse show tomorrow. With the water though the show has been thoroughly rained out. It poured almost all day again today. Im getting to the point I am shocked its still even able to rain. Not sure Ive ever seen this much before in my life.
The twelve we took to San Martin were quite lovely though. I rode Vitroso, Luli, Puccini, Mauro and Cylene. Martin had Mono come out so some of my rides were just trotting and cantering for 15-20 minutes warming horses up but it was still nice to just be in the saddle that much. Of all the horses today though Skyline was the rockstar. He is turning out to be a fantastic horse. Just totally unflappable with a fantastic jump. Absolutely nothing phases him. Martin says you know one of the young horses are ready to go when you get on and just have to smile while riding them. I dont often ride Skyline but I know watching him I feel like I need to smile. He just makes it all look so easy. Dont think he'll be around much longer at this rate!
After everyone was ridden we packed up and headed home. It took two trips since our trailer only holds 6. Thankfully San Martin isnt terribly far away. The afternoon was spent trying to get all the mud and sand out of the leather. Never seen it take that long to clean that little stuff. Several hours to get twelve bridles, four saddles, five breastplate/martingales and the odds and ends that we bring everywhere (drawreins, gouge, sidereins, ect). Even the stuff ee didnt use was filthy. After everything was clean and put away I bolted for my house and anything dry. From 5:30 on Id been at least partially wet from the rain. Not the most fun ever.
With the show cancelled Im not entirely sure what were doing tomorrow but since more rain is forcasted, it sure as heck wont be riding! Im just keeping my fingers crossed its not clipping!

Photo of our ring looking rather lake like and of the always adorable Skyline.

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