Thursday, August 2, 2012

August 2nd - 8:24pm

Woke up to Alice asking "are we getting up this morning?" after not hearing my alarms. Likely going to sleep hearing her yell at Lady Jane for eating her crackers. Its a miracle we can even tolerate each other after being together 24/7 (literally) let alone be friends. And yet we're already best friends. From 6:30am to whenever we happen to crash, we're constantly yelling back and forth to each other talking, joking and laughing. Which is good. Because for the next year, she'll be closer than any sister to me.
Anyway, we rode this morning as usual. I managed to get on Vitroso, Buck, Luli, Cylene and Nixon before the rain started. I was suppose to ride Uxmal (!!!) and Jour as well but that's life. They were all very good. Didn't school any tough stuff. Mostly just worked on anything that wasn't easy. Turning left, turning right, woahing, going, stretching, collecting, ect. When you break a ride down into those basic parts it becomes easy to find the places with room for improvement. Before coming here I'd get on a horse some times and have absolutely no idea what to do with them. Now I can get on just about anything and come up with a plan for the ride. And on some of the horses that I ride regurally Im able to come up with a plan for the week and month to go along with the ride. I enjoy being competent enough to evalute a horse's way of going and giving him a ride to create postive change. Its a nice feeling.
With the rain, we broke a touch early for lunch (12:45ish) then resumed beautifying the horses. I clipped Holendesa while Alice finished most of the ears/noses and did treatments. We also did the foals on the walker thing which resulted in us getting positively soaked trying to lead them in and out in the rain. Tomorrow Im sure will be more of the same. Clipping, cleaning, packing for the show Saturday and doing whatever else needs to be done. Not one of the more exciting days but definitely a necessary one.

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