Friday, August 3, 2012

August 3rd - 9:29pm

Alice and I are staying up till Criminal Minds starts at 9:30. Super excited. Since we basically did no real work today neither of us are really tired.
Spent the morning tacking horses up to have them walk on the walker under tack. Then take them off, untack, groom, put up. Repeat about 50 times. Took till almost 1:00 to get all the 4 legged animals on the walker. And it poured almost the whole time. After getting soaked taking my second horse outside to the walker I just made Rodrigo walk them there. So much dryer.
The afternoon was spent cleaning horses, clipping up the few left, body clipping and doing whatever else had to be done. A pretty low key day all in all. Alice and I ended up hysterically laughing for silly reasons a couple of times which totally freaked the guys out. Couldn't begin to explain to them what we were laughing about when Im not sure we even really knew what was so funny. On rainy days, dropped blankets, mountain goats and wooly mammouths are absolutely hilarious. Guarentee it.

The photos are of Buck by the way. Thought she needed some pictures on the blog since I like her so much. Cute little bay mare!

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