Monday, August 27, 2012

August 27th - 8:20pm

After 25 days of being ringless hobos Rancho Pampa is back on track with a mostly dry ring! So exciting. And for the first time in entirely too long all the horses were able to be worked. Absolutely stellar news. I rode Twilight, Cylene, Vitroso, Jour, Herodes, Pierrette and Olendesa. The first three are part of the series one group and have stayed in work. Just did 15 minutes trots with them as a stretch the legs/work-out day. Jour and Herodes have been out of work almost the whole twenty five days. They did 20 minute trot with a tiny bit of canter. It will be a bit before they are back in full work after that break. But its good for them to get some time off I think. Olendesa was a first for me. Shes a Baral horse who is being put back undersaddle after a short stint as a broodmare. Shes been worked a few times since the great rain storm started but not consistently. Shes another one whose just in the get fit program now. A little up but I liked her. Favorite ride of the day though was Pierrette. Pierrette is a new mare we have in to be fitted up so she can be tried and hopefully sold in a few weeks. Ive seen her go before since she was in the 1.30 group when Bernie Traurig was here. Super nice mare. Shes been out of work for a bit so need fitness and a tune up but shes still very fun to ride. Sweet and easy. Plus just being able to ride a horse that is capable of doing the 1.30 classes is a treat. Geologo and Picaro have done 1.30 classes in the past but Ive never seen them jump it. I saw Pierrette doing that height just a few months ago. Keeping my fingers crossed Ill be able to jump her before she leaves. Just for the experience.
The weather is suppose to stay about the same as today all week so we should have a ring for awhile now. Just need time to get everyone back fitted up and in the swing of things!

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