Monday, August 13, 2012

August 13th - 7:51pm

7:51pm - In Capital for the night wandering and sightseeing!

10:24pm - So Im home now and about to crash. Today was a maravelous day however. We took the horses to San Martin of course. I rode Uxmal, Vitroso and longed Navaratilova. All three were quite well behaved. This was the first time Ive ridden Uxmal and already at 3 years old that horse is a tank. But very sweet and straightforward to ride. Headed back home and took a group out on the roads. I had Luli and she was of course fantastic. I adore that mare. At one point, though, we were trotting down the rode and came across some mini ponies hanging out on the side of the road. Some were tied up and others were loose. Still ver strange for me but quite normal for this area. So Luli and I are behind Benito trotting and for whatever reason this little brown mini pony just comes charging at us. Totally ignored Benito in front and Justinian behind us. I don't know who what more confused about what to do me or Luli. Trotting down the road and a mini pony is chasing us down! I just gave Luli her head and let her decide what to do since I was clueless. Ignore it, yell at it or what. So Luli kicked out at it. About 10' too high in the air but I think the pony got the gist and backed off. Alice was behind us on Justinian and said it was hysterical though. And that Luli and I are ridiculous to ride behind. I constantly try to keep Luli (or any horse really) focused on me so we leg yield and slow down and speed up and leg yield some more. Basically anything to break up trotting on a straight line. After that group we came in for lunch then went back out with Mauro, Cylene and Puccini. I was on Mauro and he was quite good. We saw the attack pony but he decided to stay put on the side of the road. Puccini and Martin did have a run in with a little yappy dog and got chased a bit down the road. Then we got to see little yappy dog run for his life as a highly annoyed Puccini and Martin took off after it. Very amusing. After riding it was treatments, cleaning im the usual.
Martin had offered to take Alice and I into Capital since he was teaching. I took him up on the offer to get away from the compound and just to get out. Plus I enjoy the city. Dont think I could ever live there but do enjoy the sights and sounds. Martin dropped me off at the corner of Nueve de Julio and something de Mayo. Nueve de Julio is the biggest street in the world. Dont know how many lanes wide it is but Ive never seen anything like it. I set off with some vague directions of where stuff was and ended up having a ton of fun sight seeing by myself. Saw some incredible old architeciture, the presidential palace, the congress building, the national bank and all sorts of other things. The buildings were just amazing. Especially the presidental palace with its pink lights and the bank with its blue. So pretty. Spent some time wandering and window shopping as well before heading to where Martin was teaching on Santa Fe Av. Picked up some stuff for Alice and the house on the walk over. Got to use some of the spanish Ive learned and dont think I mangled any of it too bad. I was definitely understood at least! Made it the 16 or so blocks to Santa Fe and found the building Martin was in. I can be majorly directionally challenged so this was a pretty decent accomplishment. And arrived right on time! On the way home we hit up McDonalds which was interesting. The food is almost the same but not. It doesnt taste 100% terrible for you. The same food but just a bit different. Kinda strange. They are the first place Ive seen in this county to have fountain drinks though which was awesome. Everything here is in a bottle or can. And custom is that you dont actually drink straight from the can. You pour it in a cup. Needless to say I am terrible about remembering that. But anyway it was a very fun day and a very fun night. Ive been up for 17 hours now though and am so going to regret staying up this late in the morning! 

Photos of the presidential palace, the congress building, some statues, random other buildings and the inside of starbucks.

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