Friday, August 10, 2012

August 10th - 9:30pm

One of these days Ill realize staying up reading is not actually all that intelligent of an idea. But since were not doing all that much in the barn Im not too worried about being tired. Moving horses onto and off of the hotwalker isn't exactly brain surgery. And that is pretty much all we did this morning. Cleaned poultice off legs, did treatments, walked horses and tried really hard to be productive. Today it wasn't hard to find stuff to do. A couple more days of being stuck on the ground though and we might be in trouble. The rain refuses to just stop and the lack of sun/wind means all the water is just sitting. Not good for our ring. So no riding. And likely no riding tomorrow as well. No fun.
After lunch we went into town to watch some classes at the Hipico. We caught the tail end of the 1.30 class and watched all of the 1.40 class. Some super nice horses went around with some great riding. Of course there were some not so lovely horses and riders as well but thats a horse show. Traffic caught us on the way home so it took about two hours to make to normally 45 minute drive. Not the most fun thing ever. But all things considering it was a pretty good day. And tomorrow is Saturday!

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