Saturday, August 25, 2012

August 25th - 7:34pm

The day started bright and early at 4:30am. Which means it wasnt even really bright. Just very early. Did the grooming, packing, wrapping thing with the horses and their stuff. Put the first six in the trailer and were on the road before dawn. Once we got to the Aleman, we hacked a few, grabbed some coffee and waited for the show to start. All the morning horses in the smaller stuff were very good but it was the horses in the 1.15 classes that rocked it. All of them were awesome and got bumped up to 1.20 to finish off the day. It was Luli's first 1.20 go and she was the rock star of the day. Fantastic clean round. Puccini, Benito and Nixon also put out lovely trips over the highest jumps of the day. They are all coming along so well. After the classes we did the cleaning, wrapping, packing thing again headed home.
The weather today was also quite nice and apparently it is suppose to continue like this for the next week. So fingers crossed well be back in our ring next week! The last time we went in the ring was August 2nd. More than twenty days ago!! So excited at the potential to get back on our schedule and have life get back to normal!

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