Tuesday, August 21, 2012

August 21st - 11:38pm

Poured rain all last night so no riding today. Definitely a bummer. I miss riding regurally. But the day wasn't a total bust. Awhile ago Martin bought 84 4x4 poles. The guys have been working on getting the poles cut to the right shape and painted. Some white and some just stained. The other day they finished painting the last of the poles and planks. Which meant they were ready for colors today! And I got to get on painting duty! I really enjoy painting so I had fun. We've got a panel with big colored spots, one with waves plus a couple with random stripes. Then a ton of poles with stripes. By the end of the morning I was pretty much covered in red, green, yellow, silver and brown paint. We didnt get totally finished with second coats so Im sure tomorrow Ill end up covered in those colors again. Plus blue and black which we didnt get to today. Id much rather ride but if riding isnt an option, Ill take painting.
The afternoon we took out six of the horses (Mauro, Skyline, Twilight, Nixon, Lion and Justinian) for conformation pictures. Despite the terrible weather last night, the afternoon weather was quite lovely. I think we got some good shots so Rachel should be able to update the sale page.
After work Rachel, Martin and I headed into Capital to go to Martins moms art gallery opening. His mom is a fantastic artist and his whole family was there which was fun. Im starting to recognize people and be able to speak to them a bit. Most of Martins family speaks a bit of English which helps. We went out to dinner at this great little italian resturant after. Lovely art, fun people and great food. All in all a good night. 

Photos of my attempt to get Justinians mane to stay on one side. He was not thrilled. Then some of the gallery and my favorite paintings.

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