Wednesday, August 8, 2012

August 8th - 7:59pm

Its not even 8:00 and it feels about like midnight. Been up since 3:50am and been moving ever since. Tomorrow is definitely doing to be one of those need coffee days since we have another horse show! Today was like the schooling day for tomorrow so we brought two series horses to hack and three non series horses to do classes. Tomorrow all the series horses (1 and 2) will be showing. Everything is all packed and ready so should be able to head out pretty quickly in the morning. Today we got to the show in plenty of time. I was able to hack Luli and Skyline while Martin did Benito and Puccini and Alice had Nixon. After the initial hacks most of what I did was just walk horses around the warm up. Trot a bit. Then walk more. Pretty much the usual for shows. At one point early in the day the ring opened up for people to walk/bring horses in to check jumps out so I took Skyline in. Martin said to make him walk around till he was bored with all the action. Dont know if Skyline was bored but after we checked out all 12 jumps I sure was. Which led to me making random faces and giving things sound effects just because. Didnt think I was being that obvious about it but some of the other riders started staring and Martin and Alice were both laughing at me. One of the perks of being American though is that people here pretty much assume Im weird simply because Im foreign. So when I do weird things everyone just seems to write it off as "she's foreign. ignore it." Little do they know that half the random stuff I do entertaining myself would be somewhat strange in the US too. But hey, Skyline needed car racing noises as we mosied around the ring. Yes it was absolutely necessary. Someone did think I was German today though. One of the grooms Ive seen around a few times started talking to me which was cool. One of the few full convos Ive had in straight spanish. Slowly learning the language!
Anyway the horses were good at the show and once the last horse finished we headed home. Did the treatments, walked the foals, helped the guys abd packed for tomorrow. Some of the foals are becoming super friendly. One today stood and let me scratch him for a good ten minutes. He made all sorts of faces and twitched his little lips. Definitely enjoyed being loved on. Super cute. Alice and I are slowly working on teaching them to stand for grooming as well. They straight tie and cross tie well so now adding in the brushing component. This are going to be some tame and spoiled foals by the time we're done with them! Especially Scar Face, Midget and Jelly Bean.
Another early morning tomorrow so off to bed early again. Love horse shows!

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