Monday, August 6, 2012

August 6th - 10:37pm

Up kind of late tonight since the day ended up including a whole lot of nothing. Martin said to sleep in so I did (till 7:15) then find him when we were ready to ride. At 9:00 I figured I was as ready as I'd ever be to ride young horses who'd had 4-5 days off. Didn't end up on anything until almost three though. And then it was short lived since none of them quite wanted to play by the rules on the trail ride. They just wanted to play. So spent a lot of time watching the olympic show jumping, reading, rolling wraps, treatments and finally walking down to the store. Probably not the most productive day in Rancho Pampa history but hey, its the day after a show and I think everyone's got a decent horse show hangover.
Since I wasn't quite ready to pass out when 7:00 hit decided to embark on the journey of figuring out skype. Which, after a few minor hitches, worked pretty well. Which is suprising considering our internet. Was able to talk with my dad, mom, brother and Austin which was absolutely awesome. Been missing everyone. This trip was the first time Id left the country and the longest Id ever been away from my parents. Had lived alone for the past year so that wasn't a huge adjustment but being away from everything for so long was and still is. Everyone is safe and sound stateside though. Well, safe at least. Sound is up in the air with my mom in double wrist braces after joint injections. And since this was the first time Id seen Austin since very early April, it was especially nice to see him.
Headed to bed now since the morning is going to come entirely too quickly. We're taking the series horses out to school again since we've got another show Thursday. Quite a week for their to be so much rain. We have another show the week after and Im hoping our ring drys out quickly or we're going to be hauling out a whole bunch of days to school!

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  1. can't believe it's been 4 months already... 4 months today in fact