Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Janurary 9th - 10:38pm

<p>Really great day today. Rode Cor Lit on the flat followed by Montana and Oregon. Got to canter over some poles with Oregon for the first time. He was really good and had a lot of fun on him. Definitely going to be a nice horse. I brought Quariell out for Martin and longed him for a few minutes while Martin was busy with something else. Then was told to get on. My first time riding him and probably one of the greenest horses I have ever sat on. But he was well behaved, did what I asked and minded his manners. After him I did the same with Orly and ended up on him as well. That horse is so, so nice. Big, almost black stallion. Quiet, calm and nice to handle but responsive and balanced undersaddle. Definitely one of my favorites here at the farm right now. Just did a quite w/t/c ride with him but enjoyed every second of being on him.
Took a quick break for lunch then jumped onto the last group for a lesson. I was on Uxmal and Martin reviewed how to introduce new things/jumps to horses. By the end we were all doing a five stride line with a big right turn then a cavaletti to a liverpool. Uxmal wasn't too sure about the liverpool at first but by the time we were suppose to jump it, he was a rockstar and did just what he was suppose to. Good boy.
After I did a quick change then caught a ride with Martin to the bus stop. He was going with Gala to Baral to check on the foals out there and offered that if I wanted, I could go into town and get measured for tall boots at Waltons. I jumped at the chance. So borrowed Camila's sube card and off I went. While I was in town I also wanted to get my own Sube card which I actually accomplished. Once I found the right place, it was super easy. Then a quick stop at the Subway to put money on the card. So excited to finally have my own! Can go on the bus without freaking out over coins! After that was accomplished, I took a taxi to Waltons where I picked out what I wanted my boots to look like and got measured! Hoping they turn out well and looking forward to seeing them! Finger's crossed they fit!! Walked down to Santa Fe after and took the subway to Plaza Italia. Then caught the bus back to Moreno without any trouble. I have to laugh when I remember how daunting each thing use to be (bus, taxi, subway) and this afternoon I used all three without flinching. Definitely learned a thing or two while living here!

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