Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Janurary 18th - 9:29pm

Ended up having dinner at Martin and Rachel's house last night which made it a bit of a later night. Came in, chatted with Gala for far too long then absolutely crashed. Which is exactly what is going to happen here in a bit too. You can tell the end of a long week is here because I am flat out tired.
Missed writing yesterday but not a big deal since nothing too exciting happened. It poured rain the night before so the ring was flooded. Gala and I had a blast running outside and closing stall windows when the small rain shower turned into a cold, windy downpour. Was wetter after that than I had been 20 minutes earlier after a shower!
So spent the day cleaning up horses in the front barn, clipping noses/ears of the horses that needed and doing any odd jobs/things that we usually run out of time to do. A productive but quiet day.
Today was back on with riding. The sprinklers got left on so the ring got re watered this morning ontop of the rain. Limited the riding space a bit as some spots were muddy/slick. The guys were also hard at work building the gabezo in the ring as well as taking down the tree of thorns so it closed off the ring even more. Some of the horses were a little freaked by the commotion but most just took it all in stride. I was on Cor Lit, Kir Royal, Montana, Boss, Orly, Casia and Bellini. It was my first time on Bellini today. He was pretty good undersaddle and had a great canter. Martin is leaving for Flordia tomorrow so for the next week I'll be the primary rider on all the young horses. Definitely a crazy thought but I actually feel pretty comfortable on almost all of them. And a few I really enjoy riding despite the greenness. Going to be busy next week! But for now, just wanting to get ti bed and have a good last day of the week tomorrow! Possibly spending Saturday night at Camilla's which will be super fun. Love seeing new places and meeting new people!

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