Monday, January 28, 2013

Janurary 28th - 8:11pm

Three months till home!
Didn't bother writing anything yesterday since it literally was a day of sleep. Opened the gate at 7:00 then slept till noon. Did some treatments on some of the horses, surfed the internet then slept till 6:00 when I closed the gate. The walked down to petrobras for diet coke and empanadas. Most quiet day ever. Definitely needed. Today was an ok day. Really hot. Feels like 98+ degrees hot. And humid. Rode Jour, Cor Lit and Montana in the morning. Both were good. Then we free jumped all the young horses in the real free jump behind the barn. All the horses were well behaved for that. They're all jumping better and better each time as well. Slowly getting the hang of things!
Afterward we had a quick lunch and then I hopped on Holandesa and Puccini. By then it was too hot to be anything but good. I'm from a decently hot area and this just feels too much like home. And apparently it is just going to get worse all week. Joy. Fingers crossed everyone stays safe and ok. And that I don't do something embarassing like faint. Totally something I would do. I am terrible at dealing with the heat. It has totally zapped my energy. Headed to bed in the next couple minutes. Beyond ridiculously early but so, so tired! Even with my nonstop sleep day yesterday.

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