Saturday, January 26, 2013

Janurary 26th - 10:51pm

Wicked homesick this afternoon. It was a really good day with the horses, guys and Camilla. And then at 6:00, everyone heads home to their friends and family. Wish I could see mine. Without a doubt the hardest part of this job. The first couple months were no problem. Then time takes its toll. This is a fantastic job with some great people (and I remind myself of that daily) but I would like to go home on the weekends. Not even every night. Just on the weekends like Camilla. If this job was stateside and near home, you'd never drag me away from it. But the distance is harder than I ever thought it would be. One of my favorite songs has the line "Nobody said it would be easy but nobody said it would be so hard". And that is 100% exactly spot on. Exactly.
It was a good day here though. A little bit warmer weather than yesterday but still pleasant. I rode Geologo, Virtuoso, Puccini, Kir Royal, Bellini, Invasor, Montana and Cor Lit. Puccini was, suprisingly, one of my favorites for the day. He was super well behaved and right on point for everything I asked. Sometimes he and I have difficulty together but today was really good. Was riding fairly late though since we turned out each of the young horses in the "official" free jump behind the barn. It has been used as a paddock lately but looks like it is going to go back to being the free jump (as opposed to building one up in the main ring each time). So we took each of the young ones out, turned them loose and let them get aquainted with the space for when we use it in the future. Overall, another good day here. And Martin should be back at the helm Monday so everything will get back to normal at Rancho Pampa.

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