Friday, January 25, 2013

Janurary 25th - 9:39pm

Today was a just about perfect day. The weather was INCREDIBLE. Sunny with a constant cool breeze through the day. High for the day way about 75 and had a jacket on in the early morning. So very nice. Rode Montana, Invasor, Cor Lit, Geologo, Virtuoso, Puccini, Uxmal and Nacar. Worked on trotting and canter poles/cavaletti and halting on a straight line with all of them. Nacar was a rockstar at it but everyone ended their rides super nicely. Plus all the stuff inside with the barn ran incredibly smoothly. Beautiful weather, lovely horses and great people. What more can you ask for? Not much.
But one thing I have been thinking about a decent amount lately is how much longer I have here (even on the great days like today). My friends have been laughing at/questioning the fact that I keep track of how many days I have until I am stateside again. Ive been doing it with some intensely mixed emotions. On one hand, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in Argentina. Working at the farm, riding tons of horses, learning a bunch and generally living a life I'd previously only dreamed of. But on the flipside, living this dream has taken me farther away than I have ever been from everything I know. In the last 9 months I have learned a ton about this country and city. To the point I do not feel totally seperated from everything I am familiar with but after growing up and living in one area for so long, this will never be homehome to me. Just a temporary one. And I miss my home and my family. Missed them more than I ever thought I would and cannot wait to see them again. It will be so incredibly bittersweet to leave Rancho Pampa. It will be the end of one of the most life changing experiences of my life and the beginning of a lot of new and exciting things. Plus the ability to see my mom. Can't beat that. So the fantastic days like today remind me why I am so far from home and make being away so much easier. That being said, in 93 days I will be on a plane headed for Dallas TX for the last time. In the meantime, between now and April 28th (my last day) I want to push myself even harder to improve and become a better rider. I can do so much better. I also want to make a point to notice the tiny good things I tend to overlook while being in a hurry. Just slow down, breath and enjoy my time here a bit. Fingers crossed there will be plenty more days like this one!

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