Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Janurary 22nd - 7:32pm

Have managed to get completely behind on writing. Amazing how it just takes a couple of "Ill do it tomorrow"s to get there. But since Im tired, don't have much else to do and want to get caught up, here we go.
Today was another busy, hot day. Started off again helping Rodrigo with the two young horses then got on Cor Lit, Invasor and Montana. They were all decently good. Cor Lit decided the roll top was supersuper scary despite it being the same as yesterday. After sniffing it and being made to trot by it a time or two he got over himself but had to laugh. Sometimes I wonder what these horses see that we don't.
After those three it was onto the young horses. Rode Quantum, Bellini, Casia, Ojiva, Quarial, Orly and I feel like one more. Either way, a full day. Everyone was super good. Really enjoyed Ojiva and, as always, Orly. Not doing anything terribly exciting with the horses. Just flatting. Lots of up and down, occasionally trotting or cantering over a pole. Just getting relaxed and forward. I'm still focusing a lot at riding inside leg to outside hand. Still taking thought and effort to get that one right. Also had to get on myself a few times for going back to my old habit of turning my left hand over. Not a clue why I feel so comfortable doing that! Its not a normal hand position!
After riding I longed Boss and Puccini to finish off the horses for the day. Then around the barn doing treatments, picking up and getting organized for tomorrow. All in all a busy day but a good one. Plus all the guys were here so once we got rolling the day ran nice and smoothly. Much quicker than yesterday thank goodness! Headed to bed soon since tomorrow is going to be much of the same, long and hot! Plus keeping my fingers crossed that this cough I have picked up doesn't turn into something more. I hate even the thought of being sick! Especially with this much to do!

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